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George Bloor

( Professional Golfer on

Challenge Tour)

(Numerous Professional WIns)

"Been working with Scott for a year. Great use of technology to analyse followed with solutions to improve the faults in the different aspects of putting. Guaranteed to improve your putting and understanding. "

Benjamin Hallam

( Professional Golfer on Euro Pro

Top 50 Order of Merit)

"I just recently started working with Scott and I am extremely impressed with his knowledge about all aspects of putting (technique, strategy, and equipment) and his overall professionalism."

Scott Parry

( PGA Professional at Bramhall Golf Club)

"Brilliant session with Scott. Superb knowledge and made it crystal clear what I needed to improve and how to go about doing that. Confidence sky high after the session!  Class. "

Sam Proctor

( PGA Professional at GolfBays)

"Amazing first session with Scott. Walked in with zero confidence with the putter and within the hour I felt like I couldn’t miss. The information he gives is simple but so effective. Great guy too"

Joel Cann

( Sandiway Golf Club)

(Handicap +3)

"Excellent sessions from Scott, rolling the ball best ever have and it’s not even close. Used a great mix of Capto numbers, training aids and feels to get me back on track."

Liam Gobin

( Sandiway Golf Club)

(Handicap +6)

"Great session with Scott, he gave me a great understanding of my stroke along with simple key points to improve start line."

Jack McCrindle

( Royal Liverpool Golf Club)

(Handicap +2)

"Recently started to work with Scott , his experience and knowledge of putting and it’s concepts are incredible , using the data of Capto and his knowledge has seen a huge improvement to my putting and scores , top coach"

Sam Fox 

(Staffordshire Junior County Golfer)

( Handicap - 1 )

"What a great putting coach Scott is. Noah’s coach put me onto Scott back in July, as Noah was struggling. Within 20 minutes, I could see a massive difference - he noticed Noah was using a wrong style putter, so he fitted him for a new one, and that worked a treat. After every lesson Scott sends a videos of what Noah did during his lesson and what he what’s him to learn for next time. "

James Ilsley

(Stourbridge Golf Club)

( Handicap - +4 )

"Had a great session with Scott, got me rolling the ball the best I have with confidence, great knowledge and use of technology"

Tim Saunders 

(Holywell Golf Club)

( Handicap - 0 )

"I’ve been working with Scott for over 12 months, great in-depth knowledge and superb use of technology to identify weaknesses and then explain the improvements required in simple language with great drills. 100% guaranteed to improve everyone’s putting from beginner to tour pro. It’s a pleasure to work with Scott."

Dave Beesley

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club

( Handicap - 15 )

"Had several lessons with Scott and just added to them with a putting session. Had coaching from other professionals but Scott really gets the point across in easy to understand drills and routines which suite your learning style. I would highly recommend him👍. "

John O'Mara

( Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

( Handicap - 11)

"I have had Numerous lessons from Scott now, he has has shown me where my mistakes are and worked with me to improve my putting stroke. He explains everything in an easy to understand way. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with one of the most important parts of their game."

Tom Green   

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club

( Handicap - 17 )

"I was missing those short puts and this was affecting confidence in my whole game. Scott immediately recognised the problem and improved my stance and ball position. He has given me the technique to work on and in only a couple of weeks I'm seeing a significant improvement in my putting which has also resulted in a more relaxed game as a whole."

Ashley Wood

( Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

( Handicap - 18)

"Fantastic Putting Coach! Scott has a wealth of knowledge around putting and a whole catalogue of drills to go with it. If you want to improve your putting performance Scott is the man to for the job!"

Mark Walker

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

(Handicap - 9 )

"Scott’s putting lessons are fantastic. Gave me a strong understanding of the principles required, and a repetitive technique that has improved performance massively. "

Sam Scott

(Aldersey Green Golf Club)

(Handicap - 14 )

"After one lesson with Scott my setup was much stronger, my average putts per hole had lowered and my stroke looked far better. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone wanting to improve their putting!"

Harry Compton   

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

( Handicap - 18 )

"Scott’s lessons are brilliant all round. Helped me improve massively on the green in a short space of time"

Ian Mclaverty

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

( Handicap - 10 )

"Confidence booster!  Great set of lessons with Scott over a few months to help me understand the basic techniques needed to putt the ball truer and straighter, grooved a new stroke, then went through how best to realign myself now that I am hitting it truer!  Really helped getting instant feedback from Capto along with the feedback and corrections from Scott.  What probably helped most was getting summary notes and photos after each session with actions to work on.  This really helped to remind me what I needed to work on between sessions.   I would say that following the sessions I am now putting better than I have ever putted, the number of stray 3 putts has definitely reduced and my confidence with the putter has massively increased. "

Mike Priestly

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

( Handicap - 10 )

"I have been working with Scott now for a number of months for coaching with my putting. He was able to identify and explain in a relatable way how my faults were impacting my game. Scott provided me with practice drills and set up routines which has enabled me to improve my putting game and reduce my scores, this has resulted in a considerable drop on my handicap throughout 2022. If you are struggling with your putting or want a quick tune up, I really cannot recommend Scott more highly."

Sam Goddard  

(Hearsall Golf Club)

( Handicap - 12 )

"What a brilliant lesson with Scott! Told me what was good in my putting stroke and what wasn't, told me my mistakes and why they were causing my miss. Within the hour we had an end product that I am beyond happy with and something I KNOW will lower my scores and improve my game on the greens. Couldn't be happier with what I was taught. Thanks again mate you have a repeat client for good!"

Nathan Whitlow

(Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club)

(Handicap - 9)

"Scott is the Best in the Business! 
I’ve been working with Scott on the players performance programme for the last 18 months and he has been fantastic with me delivering a clear and precise programme for me from working on swing changes to putting set up and path work in lessons but then providing me with the necessary drills to keep improving on those changes.This has seen my handicap reduce from 22 to 9.0 currently. "

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